A valuable interview with a Licensed Real Estate Professional in NYC.

What a buyer needs to know in the real estate industry…

Real Estate market is becoming more and more complicated with the emergence of new technologies and a growing number of real estate firms, “According to 2012 Economic Census, the there are 86,004 real estate brokerage firms operating in the United States.” There is a variety of information in regards to getting involved with the process of buying and selling real estate.

In this vast industry, I have found a simple and effective message from one of the top producers in his field. Mr. Gobinda Lama, Licensed Real Estate Broker. Mr. Lama has over 20 plus years of real estate experience and has proven himself with multiple record-breaking deals.

Below is a transcript interview with Mr. Lama:

There are so many buyers, they don’t understand the service that we provide and whether that cost the real estate fee or not.

Let me tell to all the buyers, watching this video today, We as a Prime America Real Estate, being licensed in NY State.

99% cases, whether that’s a first time home buyer or an investor – we do not charge the fee from them.

This is going to completely comprehensive free service, that may take several houses to be shown, That may take one month, two months, three months even years to find the right home for them.

But that’s going to be completely free.

So, you have a privilege as a buyer to choose best of the best license possible, Licensed Professional.

So why don’t you take that great opportunity?

Come to our office, meet our reception, book an appointment.

And then, get the free service.